How does house clearance work?

Efficient and professional clearance is required after events such as the death of a loved one or moving abroad.

Many people think that hiring a skip or putting items in storage is the only option to clear a house or office space. What they may not realise is that reaching out to a house clearance company can actually a much easier and cost-effective solution.

Read on to find out more about house clearance and how it can be an effective solution for making space in an office or home, ready for the new occupiers.

What is house clearance?

In straightforward terms, house clearance is the removal of all household items from a property, and the reasons for clearing can be vast. The clearance process used is efficient and methodical, clearing out the whole property, then to organising the cleared goods into various categories. These are: items of value, items that can be reused or donated and waste.

How do you arrange a house clearance?

Arranging a house clearance starts by looking for the best company in the local area. Be sure to be aware of licensing, reputable and genuine house clearance companies will hold a full and valid waste carriers license and will also be registered with the Environment Agency. These licenses ensure that the waste is disposed of in a correct manner. This prevents the risk of hiring rogue and bogus house clearance firms that may illegally fly-tip the waste, which you could then be held responsible for.

After you are confident you have found the right one for the job, contact them and ask for a quote for the job. Most house clearance companies should offer an estimate for free. This will be followed by a few questions about the size and scale of the property that you’re hoping to clear and any other necessary details that will determine the final quote for the job.

At this stage in the process, you might find that you qualify for free house clearance. Some companies will offer this service whereby you do not pay any fees if they’re able to recover our costs by selling furniture and house contents.

Once a date is set for clearance, the staff will arrive to efficiently and skillfully begin to clear the house, packing the contents in to the transport provided.

The goods will then be organised the previously mentioned categories. Only items that have no conceivable value or reuse will be taken to an authorised waste transfer section to be recycled or disposed in an environmentally friendly manner. Items that can be donated will be sent to local charities and communities.

Why use a house clearance company?

Using a house clearance company is much more cost effective than attempting the job yourself. Being cheaper than skip hire and capable of clearing significantly more than a skip, house clearance is certainly the more economical and the least time-consuming route.

The service is often used following bereavement, therefore securing a team of professionals that will complete the service in a respectful and discreet manner is a necessity. Hiring a team that will handle personal items with care and agree to requests such as asking for certain items to be separated from the clearance will take any stress out of the already painful process.

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